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Ayurveda is the ancient medical science which covers all aspects of life including beauty. beauty is considered a blessing from God and it is our duty to keep our bodies and mind healthy and beautiful. Ayurveda believes that beauty is not just skin deep but comes from within too.

One of the ancient Ayurvedic text books, Sushruta Samhita mentions a list of Ayurvedic herbs, procedures and recipes to keep one beautiful and maintain it.

Being healthy, feeling and looking beautiful, in Ayurveda, is based on freeing your body from “Ama” or toxins. Getting rid of this toxin means that your digestive fire(Agni) is strong. A strong Agni helps to restore nutrition at a cellular level thereby aiding good health and natural beauty from within.

Ayurvedic Beauty Care and Therapy become popular nowadays which includes face, body, eyes, lips, hair, hand and foot treatments. Through these courses resolving various treatments after analyzing the type of skin and hair.

Ayurveda was a very early adopter of the mantra that “beauty comes from within.” The 5,000 year-old-science is known for extolling the benefits of balancing the whole body, supporting digestive health, optimizing energy, and treating each individual according to her specific dosha (constitution)—and not just finding the right facial cleanser or aesthetician.

A basic principle of Ayurvedic Cosmetics is the consideration of individual needs of different skin and hair types. From the Ayurvedic perspective three basic functional principles (doshas) operate in the whole of nature, which we find also in our body and mind. They are called Vata, Pitta and Kapha. When these are in balance, we are healthy, feel good and our body radiates natural beauty.